Apache Camel K Examples

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Camel K Examples

This repository contains a collection of Camel K examples useful to understand how it works, common use cases and the idiomatic programming model.

You can find more information about Apache Camel and Apache Camel K on the official Camel website.

Before you begin

Open the examples in the IDE

To better work on all examples, make sure you have all them locally by checking out the git repository:

git clone git@github.com:apache/camel-k-examples.git

Have your Kubernetes cluster ready

All examples require that you are connected to a Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster, even a local instance such as Minikube or CRC. Some advanced examples may have additional requirements.

Ensure that you've followed the Camel K installation guide for your specific cluster before looking at the examples.

Install the CLI tools

All examples need at least the following CLI tools installed on your system:

Generic Examples

In Generic Examples we are providing multiple generic examples folder.


In Kamelets we have a set of examples based on Kamelets.