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== Camel Console Example
=== Introduction
This is a simple example that shows how to get started with Camel.
This is a beginner's example that demonstrates how to get started with
Apache Camel. In this example we integrate with the console using the
Stream component. The example is interactive - it reads input from the
console, and then transforms the input to upper case and prints it back
to the console.
This is implemented with a Camel route defined in the Spring XML
=== Build
You will need to compile this example first:
$ mvn compile
=== Run
To run the example type
$ mvn camel:run
You can see the routing rules by looking at the XML in the directory:
To stop the example hit ctrl+c
You can also run the example from your editor such as Eclipse, IDEA etc,
by opening the org.apache.camel.example.console.CamelConsoleMain class
and then right click, and chose run java application.
=== Help and contributions
If you hit any problem using Camel or have some feedback, then please[let us know].
We also love contributors, so[get involved] :-)
The Camel riders!