layout: news_item date: “2017-03-31 17:00:00 +0000” author: elserj categories: [milestones] component: avatica

Roughly one year after Avatica‘s Maven build was separated from Calcite’s (as described in this [previous post]({{ site.baseurl }}/news/2016/03/03/separate-project/)), Avatica now has its own Git repository.

The Apache Calcite PMC felt like it was a good time to lift the Avatica project out of the Calcite repository, given the continue maturation of Avatica. For developers and contributors to Avatica, nothing will functionally change, except for the location of the code itself.

The de-facto repository can be found at the ASF's Git hosting, with a mirrored-copy also available on Github at apache/calcite-avatica.