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Apache Calcite Avatica site

This directory contains the code for the Avatica web site, a sub-directory of the Apache Calcite web site.

You can build the site manually using your environment or use the docker compose file.

Building website on a host system

Setup your environment

Similar to the instructions to set up the Calcite web site.

Site generation currently works best with ruby-2.5.1.

  1. cd site
  2. git clone target. The site will be generated to target/avatica, so it will be ready for commit.
  3. sudo apt-get install rubygems ruby2.5-dev zlib1g-dev (linux)
  4. sudo gem install bundler
  5. Add avatica-go content: ./
  6. bundle install

Build javadoc

  1. cd $avatica_project_directory
  2. ./gradlew javadocAggregate # the result is placed to build/docs/javadocAggregate

Running website locally

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your contributions by running from within the directory:

  1. bundle exec jekyll serve
  2. Open http://localhost:4000/avatica/ (note the trailing slash)

Building the website

  1. bundle exec jekyll build
  2. The result is produced to target/avatica

Building website with Docker

Setup your environment

  1. Install docker
  2. Install docker-compose

Build site

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run build-site

Generate javadoc

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run generate-javadoc

Running development mode locally

You can preview your work while working on the site.

  1. cd site
  2. docker-compose run --service-ports dev

The web server will be started on http://localhost:4000/avatica/ (note the trailing slash)

As you make changes to the site, the site will automatically rebuild.

Pushing to site

Push the Calcite site, which includes avatica as a sub-directory, as described in its README.