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Apache Avatica/Phoenix SQL Driver

Go Reference Build Status

Apache Calcite's Avatica Go is a Go database/sql driver for the Avatica server.

Avatica is a sub-project of Apache Calcite.

Quick Start

Install using Go modules:

$ go get github.com/apache/calcite-avatica-go

The Phoenix/Avatica driver implements Go's database/sql/driver interface, so, import the database/sql package and the driver:

import "database/sql"
import _ "github.com/apache/calcite-avatica-go/v5"

db, err := sql.Open("avatica", "http://localhost:8765")

Then simply use the database connection to query some data, for example:

rows := db.Query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test")

For more details, see the home page.

Release notes for all published versions are available on the history page.


We do not use Github to file issues. Please create an issue on Calcite's JIRA and select avatica-go as the component.