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  1. changes.txt

CMS Migration

  1. Markdown conversions

    • Rename from mdtext to md
    • All files must have a title
    • Metadata is a single line
    • Tables must not have spaces in |---|---|
    • Fenced code blocks differ
    • Four spaces signal a code block adjust when it is a list

    See changes.txt

  2. Theme Template

    CMS templates were converted into base.html

  3. Configuration


  4. Pelican ASF plugin configuration

    • ‘unsafe_tags’: True # allow style, script, and iframe tags
    • ‘metadata’: False # no metadata replacement in markdown files
    • ‘elements’: False # CMS didn't use mdx_elementid featuresz
    • ‘headings’: True # Fix up headings w/ permalinks
    • ‘headings_re’: r'^h[1-4]'
    • ‘permalinks’: True,
    • ‘toc’: False # does not use [TOC]
    • ‘toc_headers’: r“h[1-4]”,
    • ‘tables’: True # Fix up for markdown table class