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.. _config:
User Configuration
User configuration and preferences can be specified in a user provided
configuration file, and usually also on the command line.
Values specified in a user provided configuration file override the
defaults, while command line options take precedence over any other
specified configurations.
Configuration file
Users can provide a configuration file to override parameters in
the default configuration.
Unless a configuration file is explicitly specified on the command line when
invoking ``bst``, an attempt is made to load user specific configuration from
``$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/buildstream.conf``. On most Linux based systems, the location
will be ``~/.config/buildstream.conf``
Project Specific Value
The ``projects`` key can be used to specify project specific configurations,
the supported configurations on a project wide basis are listed here.
Artifact Server
The artifact server is usually specified by the project you build, but
it can be overridden on a per project basis using the same format
:ref:`described here <project_essentials_artifacts>`.
.. code:: yaml
push-port: 443
Strict Build Plan
The strict build plan option decides whether you want elements
to rebuild when their dependencies have changed. This is enabled
by default, but recommended to turn off in developer scenarios where
you might want to build a large system and test it quickly after
modifying some low level component.
.. code:: yaml
strict: False
.. note::
It is always possible to override this at invocation time using
the ``--strict`` and ``--no-strict`` command line options.
Default Configuration
The default BuildStream configuration is specified here for reference:
.. literalinclude:: ../../buildstream/data/userconfig.yaml
:language: yaml