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from collections import OrderedDict
import pytest
from import HAVE_OSTREE
from .git import Git
from .bzr import Bzr
from .ostree import OSTree
from .tar import Tar
from .zip import Zip
ALL_REPO_KINDS = OrderedDict()
ALL_REPO_KINDS['git'] = Git
ALL_REPO_KINDS['bzr'] = Bzr
ALL_REPO_KINDS['ostree'] = OSTree
ALL_REPO_KINDS['tar'] = Tar
ALL_REPO_KINDS['zip'] = Zip
# create_repo()
# Convenience for creating a Repo
# Args:
# kind (str): The kind of repo to create (a source plugin basename)
# directory (str): The path where the repo will keep a cache
def create_repo(kind, directory, subdir='repo'):
constructor = ALL_REPO_KINDS[kind]
except KeyError as e:
raise AssertionError("Unsupported repo kind {}".format(kind)) from e
return constructor(directory, subdir=subdir)