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import os
from buildstream import _yaml
# Return a list of files relative to the given directory
def walk_dir(root):
for dirname, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(root):
# ensure consistent traversal order, needed for consistent
# handling of symlinks.
# print path to all subdirectories first.
for subdirname in dirnames:
yield os.path.join(dirname, subdirname)[len(root):]
# print path to all filenames.
for filename in filenames:
yield os.path.join(dirname, filename)[len(root):]
# Ensure that a directory contains the given filenames.
def assert_contains(directory, expected):
missing = set(expected)
if len(missing) > 0:
raise AssertionError("Missing {} expected elements from list: {}"
.format(len(missing), missing))