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import os
import tarfile
from buildstream import _yaml, utils
from .. import Repo
# generate_junction()
# Generates a junction element with a git repository
# Args:
# tmpdir: The tmpdir fixture, for storing the generated git repo
# subproject_path: The path for the subproject, to add to the git repo
# junction_path: The location to store the generated junction element
# store_ref: Whether to store the ref in the junction.bst file
# Returns:
# (str): The ref
def generate_junction(tmpdir, subproject_path, junction_path, *, store_ref=True, options=None):
# Create a repo to hold the subproject and generate
# a junction element for it
repo = _SimpleTar(str(tmpdir))
source_ref = ref = repo.create(subproject_path)
if not store_ref:
source_ref = None
element = {"kind": "junction", "sources": [repo.source_config(ref=source_ref)]}
if options:
element["config"] = {"options": options}
_yaml.roundtrip_dump(element, junction_path)
return ref
# A barebones Tar Repo class to use for generating junctions
class _SimpleTar(Repo):
def create(self, directory):
tarball = os.path.join(self.repo, "file.tar.gz")
old_dir = os.getcwd()
with, "w:gz") as tar:
return utils.sha256sum(tarball)
def source_config(self, ref=None):
tarball = os.path.join(self.repo, "file.tar.gz")
config = {"kind": "tar", "url": "file://" + tarball, "directory": "", "base-dir": ""}
if ref is not None:
config["ref"] = ref
return config