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Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
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<name>Apache Buildr</name>
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<shortdesc>Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools.</shortdesc>
<description>We wanted something that's simple and intuitive to use, so we only need to tell it what to do, and it takes care of the rest. But also something we can easily extend for those one-off tasks, with a language that's a joy to use.</description>
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* Change: BUILDR-706 - Update the checkstyle addon use checkstyle 6.6. Submitted
by Dieter Vrancken.
* Fixed: Fix Buildr.rspec_present? so that it works under jruby
* Change: BUILDR-705 - Avoid attempting to load rspec classes unless Buildr.rspec_present?
returns true. Reported By rbpandey.
* Fixed: Remove debug output left in ipr.sql_dialect_mappings.
* Change: BUILDR-704 - Updated the Sonar addon to support the latest version of SonarQube
Runner. Submitted by Ross Mahony.
* Added: Add support for ipr.add_glassfish_remote_configuration method that generates
a remote glassfish configuration in IntelliJ IDEA project files.
* Added: Add support for iml.prefix and ipr.prefix settings that prefix the generated
IntelliJ IDEA project and module files.
* Change: Update the buildr gemspec so that rspec is no longer a required dependency.
This enables end-users to use a different version of rspec and buildr in
the same project. The rspec version MUST be be compatible with the version
used by Buildr if rspec features are used from within Buildr. Buildr also
issues a warning if the `check` method is called and rspec has not been loaded.
The warning includes directions on how to resolve the issue. Submitted by r6p.
* Fixed: A long standing bug existed such that if tests failed to compile, and the
option Buildr.options.test is set to :all then the compilation error would
not result in a failed build. As many people set the Buildr.options.test to
:all in their continuous delivery/integration tools, this has caused some
problems. This has been fixed by ensuring all the problems associated with
the resolving the prerequisites are not caught when Buildr.options.test is
set to :all.
* Change: Update checkstyle to 6.1.1. Submitted by neher.
* Fixed: Avoid empty dependency issue in gwt addon if the attempting to gwt compile
a project that has no src/main/java.
* Fixed: Support dependencies in the gwt addon that are other local projects rather
that artifacts, without forcing a compilation of dependency when parsing
* Added: Support configuration of sql dialect mapping in IDEA generated project files
through methods on the ipr extension ipr.mssql_dialect_mapping,
ipr.postgres_dialect_mapping and ipr.sql_dialect_mappings
* Added: Support specification of the target project to which the gwt compilation
artifacts are added as an asset, by using :target_project option.
* Change: Upgrade atoulme-Antwrap to 0.7.5 to remove deprecation warnings in
modern JRuby. Suggested by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt.
* Change: Update the gwt addon to add the validation dependencies required for GWT
compiles without requiring that the user specify the dependency.
* Change: Update ipr.add_gwt_configuration method to support GWT 2.7 configuration
parameters and IDEA 14 parameters.
* Change: Upgrade jacoco to 0.7.2. Submitted by neher.
* Change: Update checkstyle addon to use Checkstyle 6.0.
* Added: Updated the gwt addon to support the upcoming GWT 2.7.x release.
* Change: Enhance ipr.add_glassfish_configuration to support the ability to
define the version of GlassFish in uses. Change the default to 4.1.0
as that is the latest supported variant.
* Fixed: Change the name of the GlassFish install in ipr.add_glassfish_configuration
to use the same convention that IDEA uses by default. i.e. Name the
installation "GlassFish 4.1.0" rather than "Glassfish 4.1.0".
* Change: Change the default version of the jdk in IDEA project files to 1.7.
* Change: Change the default version of the IDEA project files created to the
current release version 13. To revert to the older versions specify
ipr.version = '12' in your buildfile.
* Added: Enhance the IdeaFile class to easily support mixing in of custom
components from either the filesystem or from an artifact.
* Change: Update rjb to version 1.5.1.
* Added: Update checkstyle addon to support downloading checkstyle checks
as an artifact.
* Added: Update checkstyle addon to supply checkstyle.config.dir property.
* Added: Update pmd addon to support downloading rule files as an artifact.
* Change: Update pmd addon to use pmd version 5.1.3.
* Fixed: BUILDR-702 - Retain Unix permission flags when merging
zip files into another zip or tar archive. Submitted by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt.
* Fixed : BUILDR-688 - Disregard files when determining if
the Javac compiler should be run or not. Submitted by Pepijn Van
* Fixed : Work around bug/feature of jruby 1.7.13 that caches Gem::Version
objects based on constructor parameters that causes issues with
Buildr as we mutate the version objects through monkey patching.
* Change: Upgrade rjb dependency to 1.4.9.
* Change: BUILDR-701 - Update to JUnit 4.11. Submitted by Jean-Philippe Caruana.
* Added: Support the 'report_level' property on findbugs addon.
* Change: Update the findbugs addon to use the 3.0.0 version of Findbugs.
* Change: Update the findbugs addon to use the built-in findbugs stylesheet
to generate the html report.
* Fixed: Ensure that the 'source_paths' and 'extra_dependencies' properties
in the findbugs addon does not contain arrays or nils.
* Fixed: Ensure that the 'single_intermediate_layout' addon removes the top
level target and reports directories during 'clean' phase.
* Added: Enhance idea project generation of ejb facet by looking for ejb
descriptors in location compatible with ejb-jars.
* Fixed: Ensure that the 'source_paths' property in the pmd addon does not
contain arrays or nils.
* Fixed: BUILDR-700 - Ensure SNAPSHOT artifacts, constructed using the
download(artifact('group:artifact:jar:1-SNAPSHOT') =>
'') construct will correctly download the
artifacts from configured URL.
* Fixed: BUILDR-700 - Fix bug where buildr was truncating SNAPSHOT files
that had not changed since last update check and HTTP was returning
"HTTP Not Modified" status.
* Fixed: Fix bug introduced in 1.4.18 version of custom_pom addon where
poms are created for artifacts that have a classifier.
* Fixed: BUILDR-699 - Update the custom_pom addon to avoid failure when
used with zip packages.
* Fixed: BUILDR-694 - "buildr upload" fails: wrong number of arguments in
progress bar read() in Ruby 2.1.0. Submitted By Mark Reibert.
* Change: Remove support for uploads to with gem dependencies
as the site no longer exists.
* Change: BUILDR-664 - Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
the project dependencies by default. Move the checkstyle dependencies
to the start of the classpath to avoid problems running checkstyle.
Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
* Fixed: BUILDR-698 - Correct "Lines of code" example in documentation.
Submitted By: Trejkaz.
* Added: Add ipr.add_glassfish_configuration method for defining a local
glassfish configuration within IDEA.
* Added: Add ipr.add_ruby_script_configuration method for defining a ruby
configuration within IDEA.
* Added: Add ipr.add_java_configuration method for defining a java
configuration within IDEA.
* Change: Include additional rules in default pmd rule set: 'finalizers' and
* Change: Upgrade the version of PMD in use to 5.1.1.
* Change: Supply a default xsl file for generating the jdepend report.
* Fixed: Fix the naming of css_lint addon file so it is made available
as an addon.
* Added: Add the add_default_testng_configuration method to help IDEA
project creation. Improves test coverage across 'default'
* Fixed: Fix a bug where 'default' configurations in IDEA projects
were being incorrectly created.
* Fixed: Fix the vcs detection in IDEA addon for 1.8.6 (!) versions
of ruby by reordering blocks.
* Change: Supply a default xsl file for generating the checkstyle
* Added: Add csslint tasks css_lint:xml and css_lint:html that
support source code analysis of CSS files.
* Added: Add scss_lint tasks scss_lint:xml and scss_lint:html that
support source code analysis of SCSS files.
* Added: Import 'buildr/custom_pom' addon to make it easier to
build POMs for projects publishing to Maven Central.
* Added: Add flag to allow non portable extensions in wsgen addon.
* Fixed: Avoid nil dereference bug in GWT addon when running GWT in
a project that has no source directory.
* Added: Add the ability to generate a html report when using the
jacoco addon. Extracted from the ode project.
* Fixed: Remove the projectname.ids file when rebuilding the idea
project file avoiding conflict with idea.
* Fixed: Avoid passing duplicate -keep parameters to wsimport from
wsgen addon.
* Change: Improved the error handling when generating java from wsdl
in the wsgen addon.
* Change: Upgraded the Checkstyle plugin to use checkstyle 5.7 that
improves Java 7 compatibility.
* Added: Add support for configuration of the schema-pattern,
table-pattern and default-schemas settings in idea's
data source definitions.
* Change: Upgraded the PMD plugin to use pmd 5.0.5 which for Java 7
* Change: Derive the version of GWT in gwt addon from supplied
* Fixed: Include the compiled classes on path for GWT addon to
ensure the GWT compiler can load annotations.
* Change: Derive the GWT version from build settings if not
explicitly specified by GWT addon.
* Change: Support prefixing the version generated by the
gwt_auto_version addon with the environment
variable "VERSION_PREFIX".
* Fixed: Support overriding the GWT version used by the GWT addon.
* Fixed: Fix problem when the :dependencies option was not
passed to the GWT addon.
* Fixed: Avoid crash in GPG addon if unable to create a pom
for an artifact.
* Fixed: Correct location of Git mirror in the README. Submitted
by Marcos Sainz.
* Change: Update to TestNG 6.8.7.
* Change: Updated the 'test_jar' package type to have a
classifier of 'tests' and thus match maven
conventions. Reported by Chris Bozic.
* Fixed: BUILDR-689 - Ensure that war file includes generated
assets rather than the "source" assets that may have
been filtered.
* Fixed: BUILDR-689 - Define assets task before the project is
defined to avoid "undefined method `project='" if the
project attempts to generate into the same directory.
* Added: BUILDR-679 - Support uploading to a snapshot repository
defined by repositories.snapshot_to if the artifact is
a snapshot. Submitted by Tammo van Lessen.
* Change: Update the jaxb_xjc addon to add output directory to
generated IDEA project files.
* Change: Update the default output directory used in the jaxb_xjc
addon to use Maven conventions.
* Fixed: Bug in IdeaProject.partition_dependencies resulted in
projects being rebuilt if artifacts were added to the
project with dependencies on the current project.
* Fixed: BUILDR-605 - Ensure package task invokes included paths.
* Fixed: BUILDR-609 - compile.from should accept Task argument.
* Change: Remove highline dependency.
* Fixed: BUILDR-682 - Fix the documentation for releasing using
your own versioning scheme. Submitted by Jean-Philippe
* Fixed: BUILDR-681 - Stop empty projects creating target/webapp.
* Change: Add dependency from generated jws client source directory
to the source wsdl in the wsgen addon.
* Fixed: Fixed regression in gwt addon due to "pathing_jar"
functionality in
* Change: Support disabling the new "pathing_jar" functionality in utility method. Required for tools
that introspect the classpath.
* Change: Update wsgen addon to generate source into a directory
hierarchy based on maven conventions.
* Fixed: Fixed regression using transitive dependencies due to
presence of :scope option in Artifacts.to_hash.
* Fixed: Fixed bug in GWT addon that required that the user supply
the :dependencies option.
* Fixed: Fixed bug in Intellij project file generation when adding
a web facet.
* Fixed: BUILDR-439 - Fix java command under windows when supplied
with extremely long classpath. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
* Fixed: BUILDR-394 - Fix release task with standalone distribution.
Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
* Added: BUILDR-678 - Improve support for gpg signing artifacts
using a single method.
* Fixed: BUILDR-677 - GPG addon hangs when .asc files are still in
target. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
* Added: Initial support for data source creation in Intellij IDEA
project files.
* Fixed: BUILDR-676 - Rework Java::Command:java so that it does not
reject the :dir option. Reported by John Roth.
* Added: Auto-detect jpa provider in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
persistence.xml file is present and provider not specified.
* Added: Auto-detect jruby version in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
.ruby-version file is present.
* Added: Improve support for auto-detection of ejb and web descriptors
within Intellij IDEA project generation.
* Change: Default to setting the "User-Agent" header to "Buildr-VERSION"
when accessing http resources. Maven Central rejects requests
without a User-Agent string.
* Change: Change default scope of dependencies to 'compile'. Submitted
by Ingo Schmidt.
* Change: BUILDR-675 - Set Cache-Control to 'no-cache' when downloading
artifacts. Submitted by Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora.
* Added: Initial support for simple integration of an asset pipeline.
See "Compiling Assets" section in the manual.
* Fixed: BUILDR-673 - Fix the option handling of the MultiTest test
framework to behave as documented. Only the framework specific
options are passed to the test. Submitted by John Roth.
* Added: BUILDR-672 - Persist the properties field in the checkstyle
addon so that they can be modified by the user. Submitted
by Wim C.
* Fixed: Make the package_as_* methods public so that the methods are
detected in Ruby >= 2.0.0 via the respond_to? method.
* Change: Updated dependency versions;
- rspec-expectations (2.14.3)
- rspec-mocks (2.14.3)
- rspec-core (2.14.5)
- rspec (2.14.1)
- minitar (0.5.4)
- ci_reporter (1.8.4)
- xml-simple (1.1.2)
- rjb (1.4.8)
- diff-lcs (1.2.4)
- builder (3.2.2)
- net-ssh (2.7.0)
- net-sftp (2.1.2)
- hoe (3.7.1)
- json_pure (1.8.0)
- highline (1.6.19)
* Fixed: BUILDR-668 - Specify File::FNM_EXTGLOB for include globs
where needed in Ruby >= 2.0.0. Reported by Yavor Nikolov.
* Fixed: Ensure generation of buildfiles from eclipse projects will
finds .project files in Ruby >= 2.0.0.
* Fixed: Patch Rake::FileList in Ruby >= 2.0.0 to match dot files if
a .* pattern is supplied as in earlier versions of ruby.
* Fixed: Make Archive-related operations (e.g. zip.merge) deterministic using
* Change: Update to TestNG 6.8.5.
* Added: BUILDR-648 Add new package(:test_jar) packaging type.
Submitted by Mike Pettypiece.
* Fixed: BUILDR-666 modifies file regardless of usage.
Reported by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt, fix by Alex Boisvert.
* Change: Moved to using TravisCI to test the Linux variants.
* Added: Make the location of the wsdl in generated source configurable
in the wsgen addon.
* Added: When generating the GWT facet for Intellij IDEA modules, use
the gwt-dev maven artifact dependency if present as the SDK,
falling back to the existing behaviour if not possible.
* Added: Improved support for auto-detection of VCS dirs when creating
IDEA projects.
* Added: Added support for SuperDevMode in gwt addon and upgraded to
GWT 2.5.1 by default.
* Change: BUILDR-664 Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
empty by default. Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
* Fixed: BUILDR-663 require 'buildr' fails for Ruby 2.0.0.
* Fixed: BUILDR-665 Java artifacts in build.yaml breaking ArchiveTask.
Submitted by Antonio Pérez Barrero.
* Fixed: BUILDR-662 reported time is much shorter than actual
* Fixed: Multiple tests in TestNG 6.x versions were being incorrectly passed to
the command line application.
* Added: Support a single intermediate directory for each project hierarchy
through an addon 'buildr/single_intermediate_layout'.
* Fixed: BUILDR-660 possible build issue when using build.yaml and tasks/*.rake
(Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora)
* Added: Support the :dir option in the method.
* Fixed: Scala 2.10 support - compiler now uses additional/separate jars
introduced in 2.10 such as scala-reflect.jar and scala-actor.jar
* Added: Add an addon for NSIS.
* Change: BUILDR-612 - Support the TestNG 6.x versions and default
to 6.8.
* Added: BUILDR-599 - Support the passing of arguments to testng
test runner.
* Fixed: Observer the per-project source version when generating
IDEA module files.
* Change: Sort the components in IDEA project files in the same
order the idea sorts them.
* Fixed: Findbugs addon correctly handles String dependencies
(vs task dependencies)
* Fixed: Checkstyle addon correctly handles String dependencies
(vs task dependencies)
* Added: Created an addon 'buildr/wsgen' for generating wsdls from java
and java from wsdls using the underlying wsgen tool.
* Change: Defer the expansion of generated poms by wrapping the generation
in a Proc.
* Change: Rework Artifact.content(value) method to accept a Proc that
will be called before the artifact is written rather than
requiring a string.
* Added: Create a 'buildr/gpg' addon that signs and uploads signatures
when uploading artifacts. Inspired by a similar extension in
the Apache ODE project by Tammo van Lessen.
* Change: Updated dependency versions;
- jruby-openssl (0.8.2)
- atoulme-Antwrap (0.7.4)
* Change: Require 'bundler/setup' as part of buildr startup to ensure that
buildr always runs with up to date dependencies if a Gemfile is
* Added: Add FrameworkDetectionExcludesConfiguration facet to Idea project
file creation by default.
* Fixed: In the IntelliJ extension, defer the materialization of the
default_components until expansion time to avoid loss of sub-
components added after an add_component call.
* Fixed: BUILDR-633 - Remove hardcoded shebang lines in all-in-one release.
* Added: Create a simple extension that modifies the project layout to place
generated files at the top level.
* Fixed: Fixed the interaction with the FileUtils classes. The last release
introduced a non-deterministic bug that sometimes caused logging
preferences to be ignored and the install method to be
inadvertently overwritten.
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