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Apache Brooklyn helps to model, deploy, and manage systems.

It supports blueprints in YAML or Java, and deploys them to many clouds and other target environments. It monitors those deployments, maintains a live model, and runs autonomic policies to maintain their health.

For more information visit brooklyn.apache.org, where you'll find:

Quick Start

This is the uber-repo. To build the entire codebase, get this project and its sub-modules:

git clone http://github.com/apache/brooklyn/
cd brooklyn
git submodule init
git submodule update --remote --merge --recursive

And then, with jdk 1.8+ and maven 3.1+ installed:

mvn clean install -Dno-go-client -Dno-rpm

The results are in brooklyn-dist/dist/target/, including a tar and a zip. Or to run straight after the build, do:

pushd brooklyn-dist/dist/target/brooklyn-dist/brooklyn/
bin/brooklyn launch


The Developers section of the main website contains more detail on working with the codebase. There is also a more Developer Guide specific to each version, including this branch (0.10.0-SNAPSHOT), latest stable, and older releases.

Useful topics include: