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The BookKeeper Website

Welcome to the code for the Apache BookKeeper website! Instructions on building the site and running it locally can be found here in this README.


The site is built using Jekyll and Sass.

I'll provide more specific info here later.


In order to run the site locally, you need to have the following installed:

  • Ruby 2.3.1 and Rubygems
  • The Javadoc CLI tool


$ make setup

Building the site

$ make build

Please note that this will not build the Javadoc. That requires a separate command:

$ make javadoc

Serving the site locally

To run the site in interactive mode locally:

$ make serve

Then navigate to localhost:4000. As you make changes, the browser will auto-update.

Staging website for reviews

When you submit a pull request for modifying website or documentation, you are recommended to make your changes live for reviews.

Here are a few steps to follow to stage your changes:

  1. You need to create a github repo called bookkeeper-staging-site under your github account. You can fork this staging repo as well.
  2. In your bookkeeper-staging-site repo, go to Settings > GitHub Pages. Enable GitHub Pages on master branch /docs folder.
  3. Make changes to the website, follow the steps above to verify the changes locally.
  4. Once the changes are verified locally, you can run make staging. It will generate the files under site/local-generated.
  5. Run scripts/ It would push the generated website to your bookkeeper-staging-site.
  6. Your changes will be live on https://<your-github-id>

If you have any ideas to improve the review process for website, please feel free to contact us at