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  3. docker-compose.yaml

Apache BookKeeper docker-compose


  • Docker >= 16.10
  • Docker Compose >= 1.6.0

Quick start

$ git clone
$ cd bookkeeper/deploy/docker-compose
$ docker-compose pull # Get the latest Docker images
$ docker-compose up -d
$ cd ../../
$ bin/bkctl bookies list
$ bin/bkctl ledger simpletest

Access Apache BookKeeper cluster

Ledger Service

You can use zk://localhost:2181/ledgers as metadataServiceUri to access ledger storage service.

$ bin/bkctl -u 'zk://localhost:2181/ledgers' ledger simpletest 


You can use distributedlog://localhost:2181/distributedlog as dlog uri to access ledger storage service using distributedlog API.

$ bin/dlog tool create -u 'distributedlog://localhost:2181/distributedlog' --prefix test-stream -e 0-99

Customize Apache BookKeeper Cluster

Install Helm

Helm is used as a template render engine

curl | bash

Or if you use Mac, you can use homebrew to install Helm by brew install kubernetes-helm

Bring up Apache BookKeeper cluster

$ git clone
$ cd bookkeeper/deploy/docker-compose
$ vi compose/values.yaml # custom cluster size, docker image, port mapping etc
$ helm template compose > generated-docker-compose.yaml
$ docker-compose -f generated-docker-compose.yaml pull # Get the latest Docker images
$ docker-compose -f generated-docker-compose.yaml up -d