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  2. bigtop-location-data/
  3. bigtop-name-generator/
  4. bigtop-samplers/
  5. bigtop-weatherman/
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BigTop Data Generators

A collection of synthetic data generators and supporting libraries for building blueprints, smoke testing, and timing operations.

The following data generators are included so far:

  • BigPetStore -- generates customers, stores, products, and transactions for a fictional chain of pet stores
  • BigTop Name Generator -- generates names by sampling from U.S. Census data
  • BigTop Weatherman -- weather simulator

We have the following libraries:

  • BigTop Samplers -- collection of samplers, PDFs, and weight function interfaces and implementations


To simplify dependency management, Gradle's multi-project support is used. Each project defines its dependencies in terms of other projects and a holistic settings.gradle file is provided to make building easy. Just run the following from the bigtop-data-generators directory:

$ gradle build

The resulting jar files will be located under build/libs directory of each project.

Jar files can be installed to a local Maven cache to simplify integration by external projects:

$ gradle install

You can then define the dependencies via Maven.


Please see READMEs in individual project directories.