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Apache Beam Wheels


beam-wheels is a helper repository of apache beam, which helps a Release Manager build python wheels on Linux/MacOS in a release process.


There are 2 major parts in this repository.

  • multibuild as git submodule, helps build python wheels based on different os.

  • travis configuration files, setups environment variables and deployment strategy.

    • .travis.yml contains a set of environment variables and steps of build process.
    • deploy_travis.sh defines that final python wheels will be deployed to dist.apache.org/dev using svn with your apache credential.
    • config.sh defines custom build steps.

User Guide

  • Create and push a new branch(e.g. release-2.6.0) into the beam-wheels repository, which will trigger the travis build of that version. Found your build in https://travis-ci.org/apache/beam-wheels.

  • Confirm that build successful and wheels get staged in beam-wheels-staging gcs bucket (link).