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Apache Bahir Website

The Apache Bahir website was forked from the Apache Website Template.

The website gets generated using Jekylland the instructions below assume you have Jekyll installed.

How to deploy your project's web site

Running locally

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your contributions by running from within the directory:

1. cd site
2. jekyll serve
3. Open [http://localhost:4000](http://localhost:4000)

Update extensions documentation

To update the current documentation contents, use the update-doc script. This script will update the documentation contents based on the README.md files from the source of each extension.

1. update-doc.sh
2. git commit -a -m"My updates"
3. git push
4. ./publish.sh
5. git push origin asf-site

Publishing to live site

Bahir is using gitpubsub for publishing the website, and the live website content is stored in the asf-site git branch.

To publish new contents to the website, commit your changes to master, and use the ‘publish.sh’ shell script.

1. Make your changes
2. git commit -a -m"My updates"
3. git push
4. ./publish.sh
5. git push origin asf-site

Within a few minutes, gitpubsub should kick in and you'll be able to see the results at bahir.apache.org.

Adding contributors

To add a contributor to the project, or to modify existing contributors, edit site/_data/contributors.yml. The project members list will be re-generated.