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Flink Akka Connector

This connector provides a sink to Akka source actors in an ActorSystem. To use this connector, add the following dependency to your project:


Version Compatibility: This module is compatible with Akka 2.0+.

Note that the streaming connectors are not part of the binary distribution of Flink. You need to link them into your job jar for cluster execution. See how to link with them for cluster execution here.


The configurations for the Receiver Actor System in Flink Akka connector can be created using the standard typesafe Config (com.typesafe.config.Config) object.

To enable acknowledgements, the custom configuration can be used.

The user can set any of the default configurations allowed by Akka as well as custom configurations allowed by the connector.

A sample configuration can be defined as follows:

String configFile = getClass().getClassLoader()
Config config = ConfigFactory.parseFile(new File(configFile));    

Message Types

There are 3 different kind of message types which the receiver Actor in Flink Akka connector can receive.

  • message containing Iterable<Object> data

  • message containing generic Object data

  • message containing generic Object data and a Timestamp value passed as Tuple2<Object, Long>.