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<title>Welcome to Apache Axis2 version 1.1.1</title>
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<h1>Welcome to Apache Axis2 version 1.1.1</h1>
<pre>Its been just over a month since the 1.1 release of Apache Axis2 and we are
happy to announce the release of Apache Axis2 version 1.1.1.
The download is available at:
Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used
Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, more scalable, more modular
and more XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully designed to
support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extends its
functionality for features such as security and reliability.
Modules supporting WS-Security/Secure-Conversation (Apache Rampart),
WS-Trust (Apache Rahas), WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha2) are already
avaialable. Modules supporting WS-Eventing (Apache Savan) &amp; WS-Transactions
(Apache Kandula2) will be available soon after the Apache Axis2 1.1.1 release.
Please see these projects' own sites for further information.
Major changes since 1.1:
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes
Known issues and limitations in 1.1.1 release:
- ADB does not support unwrapping of response messages(coming in 1.2)
- JSR 181/183 Annotation support (coming in 1.2)
- JaxMe and JAXBRI data binding support is experimental
- Simple Axis Server does not support POX/REST
- RPC Message Receiver does not validate request against the schema (AXIS2-1943)
Apache Axis2 1.1.1 is a bug fix release of Axis2's 1.1 version, which was a
major release since Axis2 1.0. We are striving for a simple and happy
first time user experience as well as satisfying advanced users.
We welcome any and all feedback: (please include "[axis2]" in the subject) (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)
Thank you for your interest in Apache Axis2!
The Axis2 Development Team
Features of Apache Axis2:
Programming Model
- Simple XML-centric client API with full WSDL and policy support
- Support for POJO and Spring services and clients
- Support for any message exchange pattern (MEP)
- Synchronous and asynchronous programming model
- Archived service deployment model supporting full service
encapsulation with versioning support
- Archived module deployment model supporting controlled
extensibility with versioning support
- Hot deployment
- WS-Policy driven code generation extensions
- Flexible service life cycle model
- Automatic support for POX (REST) style invocation of services
- Support for querying service's WSDL (with ?wsdl), schema (with
?xsd) and policies (with ?policy)
Supported Specifications
- SOAP 1.1 and 1.2
- Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
- XML Optimized Packaging (XOP)
- SOAP with Attachments
- WSDL 1.1, including both SOAP and HTTP bindings
- WS-Addressing submission and 1.0
- WS-Policy
- SAAJ 1.1
Supported Data Bindings
- Axis Data Binding (ADB)
- XMLBeans
- JibX
- JaxMe (Experimental)
- JaxBRI (Experimental)
- WSDL2Java: Generate Java stubs and skeletons from a WSDL document.
- Java2WSDL: Generate a WSDL document from a Java class.
- Eclipse Plugins
- IntelliJ Idea Plugins
- Maven2 Plugins
- Web application for administering Apache Axis2