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Sample: MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism)
This sample demonstrates the capabilities and power of MTOM support of AXIS2. In this sample the
user can send a file to the service.
Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later
Running the Sample:
1. Use ant generate.service or just the ant command alone in the Axis2_HOME/sample/mtom/ to build the service.
2. Generated service gets copied to the AXIS2_HOME/repository/services automatically.
3. Run the AXIS2_HOME/bin/axis2server.{sh/bat} to start the standalone axis2 server. (Alternatively
you can drop the sample into the services directory of a Axis2 server running in a servlet container)
4. Use ant generate.client to build the client.
5. Use ant run.client -Dfile "file to be sent" -Ddest "destination file name" to run the client.
Sometimes, if you're having trouble running the client successfully,
It may be necessary to clean the services repository before you generate the service, deploy it
and run the client. (i.e. delete services created from previous samples.)
Please contact axis-user list ( if you have any trouble running the sample.