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 <li>Sanka Samaranayake, March 2006. <a href=

 "">Web services Policy - Why, What &amp; How</a></li>

 <li><a href=

-"">WS-commons/policy SVN</a></li>

+"">WS-commons/policy GitHub</a></li>

 <li><a href=

 "">Web Services Policy Framework (WS-Policy)</a></li>


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 <h4>Step1 : MessageBuilder implementation</h4>
 <!--<p>LoggingModule is the implementation class of the Axis2 module.-->
 <!--Axis2 modules should implement the "<a href=-->
 <!--interface with the following methods.</p>-->
 <!--public void init(ConfigurationContext configContext, AxisModule module) throws AxisFault;//Initialize the module-->
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 <h4>Step1 : LoggingModule Class</h4>

 <p>LoggingModule is the implementation class of the Axis2 module.

 Axis2 modules should implement the "<a href=



 interface with the following methods.</p>


 public void init(ConfigurationContext configContext, AxisModule module) throws AxisFault;//Initialize the module

@@ -125,9 +125,9 @@
 <a href="Axis2ArchitectureGuide.html#incomingsoap"

 >Architecture Guide</a> for more information on phases). To

 write a handler one should implement <a href=



 org.apache.axis2.engine.Handler</a>. But for convenience, <a href=



 org.apache.axis2.handlers.AbstractHandler</a> provides an abstract

 implementation of the Handler interface.</p>

 <p>For the logging module, we will write a handler with the

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 <li><a href="userguide.html#handlessoap">How Axis2 handles SOAP


+<li><a href="userguide.html#handlesjson">How Axis2 handles JSON


 <li><a href="userguide.html#distributions">Axis2


 <li><a href="userguide.html#sbd">The Axis2 Standard Binary

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 <li><a href="userguide.html#handlessoap"><strong>How Axis2 handles

 SOAP messages</strong></a></li>

+<li><a href="userguide.html#handlesjson">How Axis2 handles JSON


 <li><a href="userguide.html#distributions"><strong>Axis2


 <li><a href="userguide.html#sbd"><strong>The Axis2 Standard Binary

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 Axis2 system. These modules, such as Rampart, which provides an

 implementation of WS-Security, are the main extensibility

 mechanisms in Axis2.</p>

+<a name="handlesjson" id="handlesjson"></a>

+<h2>How Axis2 Handles JSON Messages</h2>

+<p>Axis2 with REST provides GSON or the newer Moshi library as the JSON parser.

+With the proper axis2.xml configuration, this support is triggered by the HTTP header 

+"Content-Type: application/json". </p>

+<p>More docs concerning Axis2 and JSON can be found in the <a href="

+json_support_gson.html">Pure JSON Support</a> and <a href="

+json_gson_user_guide.html">JSON User Guide.</a>



+For users of JSON and Spring Boot - or anyone interesed in a complete JSON example that 

+includes Spring Security - see the sample application in the <a href=

+"json-springboot-userguide.html">JSON and Spring Boot User's Guide.</a> 


 <a name="distributions" id="distributions"></a>

 <h2>Axis2 Distributions</h2>

 <p>Axis2 is released in several <a href="../download.cgi">