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Apache Axis2 milestone 2 build (June 07, 2005)
Documentation can be found in the docs/ directory included with both the
source and binary distributions.
The binary distribution contains a WAR file (axis2.war) to ease
installation into a servlet container: simply copy the WAR file
to the servlet container's webapps directory and you're ready to go.
To verify the installation, go to http://localhost:8080/axis2/ and
click on the the "Validate" link, where the host name and port
of that URL should be changed as appropriate.
To build WAR file (axis2.war) using the source distribution use the
following command:
$ maven war
To deploy a new Web service in Axis2 the following three steps must
be performed:
1) Create the Web service implementation class, supporting classes
and the service.xml file,
2) Archive the class files into a jar with the service.xml file in
3) Drop the jar file to the $AXIS_HOME/WEB-INF/services directory
where $AXIS_HOME represents the install directory of your Axis2
runtime. (In the case of a servelet container this would be the
"axis2" directory inside "webapps".
To verify the deployment please go to http://localhost:8080/axis2/ and
follow the "List of available services" Link.
For more information please refer to the User's Guide.
Any problem with this release can be reported to Axis the mailing list
or in the Jira issue tracker. If you are sending email to the mailing
list make sure to add the [Axis2] prefix to the subject.
Mailing list subscription:
Thank you for your support of Axis2!
The Axis2 Team.