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Maven 2 Java2WSDL Plugin: configuration examples
Jochen Wiedmann
The Java2WSDL plugin offers a single goal:
* java2wsdl (default): Reads a java class and generates a WSDL for invoking the classes methods as a web service.
To run the plugin, add the following section to your POM:
The plugin will be invoked automatically in the generate-resources
phase. You can also invoke it directly from the command line by
running the command
mvn java2wsdl:java2wsdl
The Java2WSDL Goal
By default, the plugin reads the given Java class and creates a
file <<<target/generated-resources/java2wsdl/service.xml>>>. The
Java class is given by the configuration element <<<className>>>
See the detailed documentation on {{{configuration.html}properties}} for
how to configure the goal.