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Axis2 Quick Start Guide- Sample 2 (ADB)
This sample contains source code for the site/docs/quickstartguide.html document found in
the extracted Axis2 Documents Distribution. For a more detailed description on the
source code kindly see this 'Axis2 Quick Start Guide' document.
In this sample, we are deploying an ADB generated service. The service
is tested using generated client stubs.
Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later
Building the Service
Type "ant generate.service" from Axis2_HOME/samples/quickstartadb
directory and then deploy the
Running the Client
type ant run.client in the Axis2_HOME/samples/quickstartadb directory
You will get the following response
[java] 42.0
[java] price updated
[java] 42.35
Please contact axis-user list ( if you
have any trouble running the sample.