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Apache Woden/C
What is it?
Apache Woden C Woden project is aimed at writing a wsdl parser capable of parsing
the documents conforming to both Wsdl 2.0 and Wsdl 1.0 specifications.
Axis2 C project use Woden C to parse Wsdl's into a component model.
As a project of the Apache Software Foundation, the
developers aim to collaboratively develop and maintain a robust,
commercial-grade, standards-based Web Services stack implementation with
freely available source code.
The Latest Version
You can get the latest svn checkout of Apache Woden/C module from
Please see the file called INSTALL.
Please see the file called LICENSE.
o If you want freely available support for using Apache Woden/C please
join the Apache Axis2/C user community by subscribing to users mailing
list,' as described at
o If you have a bug report for Apache Woden/C please go log a Jira issue
o If you want to participate in actively developing Apache Woden/C please
subscribe to the `' mailing list as described at
Apache Woden/C relies heavily on the use of autoconf, automake and libtool
to provide a build environment.