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How to Configure IIS Module for Axis2C
Use the Axis2/C VC project or makefile to build the component.
In this document it is assumed that the mod_axis2_IIS.dll is in the directory
c:\axis2c\lib\mod_axis2_IIS.dll and axis2c_home is c:\axis2c
Add the following key to the registry.
Add a string value with the name axis2c_home and a value of c:\axis2c
Add a string value with the name log_file and a value of c:\axis2c\logs\axis2.log
Add a string value with the name log_level. The value can be one of trace, error, info, critical, debug, warning
You can add a string value with the name services_url_prefix. This is optional and defaults to "/services".
As an example, if you have "/web_services" as the prefix, then all the services hosted would have the endpoint prefix of :
Note: don't forget the / at the begining.
If you wish, you can also change the location as well by adding a string value with the name axis2_location.
This is also optional and defaults to /axis2. If you have /myserser as the value you can access your web
services with a url like http://localhost/myserver/services.
Note: Don't forget the / at the beginning.
Now you can do all the registry editing using the JScript file axis2_iis_regedit.js
provided with the distribution. When you build axis2/C with the IIS module the file
is copied to the root directory of the binary distribution. Just double click it and
everything will be set to the defaults. The axis2c_home is taken as the current directory,
so make sure you run the file in the Axis2/C repository location (or root of the binary distribution).
If you want to change the values you can manually edit the the .js file or give it as command line arguments
to the script when running the script. To run the jscript from the command line use the command
:\cscript axis2_iis_regedit.js optional arguments.
We recomend the manual editing as it is the easiest way to specify the values
IIS 5.1 or Below
Using the IIS management console, add a new virtual directory to your IIS/PWS Web site.
The name of the virtual directory must be axis2. Its physical path should be the directory
where you placed mod_axis2_IIS.dll (in our example it is c:\axis2c\lib). When creating this new
virtual directory, assign execute access to it.
By Using the IIS management console, add mod_axis2_IIS.dll as a filter in your IIS/PWS web site and restart the IIS admin service.
IIS 6 & 7
Using the IIS management console, add the mod_axis2_IIS.dll as a Wildcard Script Map.
Executable should be the complete path to the mod_axis2_IIS.dll
You can put any name as the name of the Wildcard Script Map
Please don't add the mod_axis2_IIS.dll as a filter to IIS as in the IIS 5.1 case.
Note: If the Axis2/C failed to load, verify that Axis2/C and its dependent DLLs are in the System Path (not the user path).