AVRO-2891: Expose last sync offset written on DataFileWriter (#954)

* AVRO-2891: Add code and tests for lastSync API

* AVRO-2891: simplify tests

Tests now only validate equivalence of sync markers between DataFileWriter and Reader. Remove additional test validating that a specific row can be read using the sync returned from DataFileWriter since it is somewhat redundant.

* AVRO-2891: revert change to cmakelists.txt

The original change was needed to cmakelists.txt due to linker errors
faced when using the standard build instructions.

* add another test to highlight efficient read of avro record using the
new API

* add few more comments to the new test

* Change API name as per PR feedback

Co-authored-by: Krishnan Sundaram <krishs@microsoft.com>
3 files changed
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