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Packaging for Apache Aurora

This repository maintains configuration and tooling for building binary distributions of Apache Aurora.

Building a binary

Binaries are built within Docker containers that provide the appropriate build environment for the target platform. You will need to have a working Docker installation before proceeding.

  1. Fetch a source distribution, such as an official one. Alternatively, you can also build from an arbitrary git commit by instead preparing sources from the Aurora source repository:

     git archive --prefix=apache-aurora-$(cat .auroraversion)/ -o snapshot.tar.gz HEAD
  2. Run the builder script, providing the distribution platform and the source distribution archive you downloaded in (1). The example below will build Aurora 0.9.0 debs for Ubuntu Trusty.

     ./build-artifact.sh builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty \
       ../apache-aurora-0.9.0.tar.gz \

When this completes, debs will be placed in dist/builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty/.

Adding a new distribution platform

There are only two requirements for a ‘builder’ to satisfy:

  • a Dockerfile to provide the repeatable build environment
  • a build.sh script that creates artifacts

Please see the makeup of other builders for examples.