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Building Apache Wink
Initial Setup
1) Install J2SE 5.0 SDK (or newer), which can be downloaded from
2) Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the newly installed
JDK location, and that your PATH includes %JAVA_HOME%\bin (windows) or
$JAVA_HOME$/bin (unix).
3) Install Maven latest version, which can be downloaded from Make sure that your PATH includes
the MVN_HOME/bin directory.
1) Change to the top level directory of Apache Wink source distribution.
2) Run
$> mvn install
This will compile Apache Wink and run all of the tests in the Apache Wink source
distribution. Alternatively, you can run
$> mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip
This will compile Apache Wink without running the tests and takes less
time to build.
Depending on the load of remote Maven repositories, you may have
to run "mvn" several times until the required dependencies are
all located in your local maven repository. It usually takes some time for
maven to download required dependencies in the first build.
Building (optional itests)
After building, you may wish to run the wink-itests, which is not automatically run under a regular maven build.
1) Change to wink-itests directory
2) Run
$> mvn -DassemblyId=tomcat install
This will run the itests against tomcat. The available assemblyId values are:
Building distribution archives
1) From top level, run
$> mvn install -PCIBuild
This will build an Apache Wink distribution archives under "wink-scripts/wink-dist/target"