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May 2009
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Apache Community
Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in it.
We invite you to participate as much or as little as you choose.
You can:
* Use our project and provide a feedback.
* Provide us with the use-cases.
* Report bugs and submit patches.
* Contribute code, javadocs, documentation.
Visit the {{{}Project Guidelines}} for more information.
* Communication
The Apache Wink project uses {{{./mail-lists.html}mailing lists}} primarily to communicate with its members.\
IRC is also used for a real-time discussions.
** IRC
Log into #apache-wink on Freenode or use a {{{}Web Client}}
* Issue Tracker
** Bug Reports
Found bug? Enter an issue in the {{{./issue-tracking.html}Issue Tracker}}.
Before submitting an issue, please:
* Verify that the bug does in fact exist.
* Search the issue tracker to verify there is no existing issue reporting the bug you've found.
* Consider tracking down the bug yourself in the Wink's source
and submitting a patch along with your bug report.
This is a great time saver for the Wink developers
and helps ensure the bug will be fixed quickly.
** Feature Request
Enhancement requests for new features are also welcome.
The more concrete and rationale the request is, the greater the chance it will incorporated into future releases.
* Source Code
The project sources are accessible via the {{{./source-repository.html}SVN}}.