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h2. Apache Wink 1.1 Release Notes
h3. Overview
This is the third official release of Apache Wink project.
Apache Wink is a framework that helps you to produce and consume RESTful Web Services.
Apache Wink is TCK compliant implementation of the JAX-RS v1.0 specification.
The project also introduces Java API for writing clients that consume HTTP-based RESTful Web Services.
h3. Complete list of issues fixed in 1.1
h4. Sub-task
* WINK-241 - Add Documentation regarding client side Basic Authentication handler
* WINK-271 - Add code for mapping RSS into Syndication Object Model
* WINK-272 - Add an unit-test to verify RSS to Synd mapping
* WINK-273 - Add an Apache Wink Client example to demonstrate RSS to Synd mapping
* WINK-274 - Create documentation for RSS to Synd mapping
h4. Bug
* WINK-226 - need fallback for Class.forName in J2EE environments
* WINK-227 - need fallback for Class.forName in J2EE environments
* WINK-229 - JAXBXmlProvider should tolerate user jaxb contexts
* WINK-230 - NullPointerException occures when Content type in MultiPart isn't sent
* WINK-235 - Fix issue with using Locale objects inside ResponseBuilder
* WINK-243 - Unable to inject fields once ResourceInstance is initialized
* WINK-244 - Wrong log during servlet startup
* WINK-247 - Fix issue with wrong informational message given when no Response entity and wrong class used when trying to find media type if not specified
* WINK-248 - Fix warning about methods when more methods used.
* WINK-249 - Fix issue in UriBuilder where not throwing IllegalArgumentException
* WINK-251 - Handling http error 405 correctly
* WINK-253 - Typo in documentation for Wink 1.0 from Apache incubator website (it has ScopeType.SINGELTON instead of ScopeType.SINGLETON)
* WINK-254 - AtomEntrySyndEntry content unavailable in Wink client
* WINK-255 - Iterator over map of SoftReferences susceptible to ConcurrentModificationException
* WINK-262 - Content-Type of HTTP Response contains no charset.
* WINK-264 - Problem to construct a link using the LinkBuilders for a resource with a path param that contains ":"
* WINK-265 - wink-client-apache-httpclient/pom.xml has duplicate junit def, causing mvn3 to puke
h4. Improvement
* WINK-67 - Use the maven-assembly-plugin to generate release distributions
* WINK-128 - Add Wink quick start guide
* WINK-195 - JAX-RS 1.1 support: C007
* WINK-196 - JAX-RS 1.1 support: C008
* WINK-212 - Need to look into handling of Collection types of objects
* WINK-216 - tolerate empty path segments to support empty PathParams
* WINK-223 - reduce log output on 404s
* WINK-224 - Need to set custom ID Resolver for JaxB unmarshaller.
* WINK-225 - Reduce logging the ProvidersRegistry
* WINK-228 - sweep code for java2security compatibility
* WINK-234 - improve debug and return code for unfound writer
* WINK-240 - Change logging to be less noisy
* WINK-245 - Annotations on interfaces - should they work?
* WINK-257 - allow Application subclass to control provider priority
* WINK-259 - add support for injection into Application subclass
* WINK-260 - Add JVM system properties to read from for setting client connection/read timeouts
* WINK-261 - Add way to be able to capture logging warnings in unit tests so we can correctly identify when messages are correctly being emitted
* WINK-263 - Add OSGi metadata to JARs
* WINK-266 - RestServlet constants should be publicily consumable
* WINK-268 - Configure versions for all plugins to avoid Maven 3 complaints
* WINK-270 - Honor Accept-Charset when returning text based content
* WINK-277 - Mention about ext\MultiPart sample in examples\readme.txt
* WINK-278 - Consistent naming convention for Wink distributions
h4. New Feature
* WINK-149 - Map RSS to Syndication Object Model
* WINK-237 - Add a basic auth client handler
* WINK-238 - Select the Content-Type automatically on client
* WINK-250 - Experimental feature for Google Guice injection
h4. Task
* WINK-99 - Use Wink Client instead of Apaceh Http Client in integration tests
h4. Test
* WINK-97 - new integration tests: context, uriinfo, etc