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h2. Apache Wink 1.1.3 Release Notes
h3. Overview
This is the fifth official release of Apache Wink project.
Apache Wink is a framework that helps you to produce and consume RESTful Web Services.
Apache Wink is TCK compliant implementation of the JAX-RS v1.1 specification.
The project also introduces Java API for writing clients that consume HTTP-based RESTful Web Services.
h3. Complete list of issues fixed in 1.1.3
h4. Bug
* WINK-286 - GET methods fail to serve requests without Content-Type if the class/interface has @Consumes
* WINK-292 - Add proxy authentification support for the RestClient
* WINK-307 - Fix obscure error message during Service Doc generation
* WINK-311 - Resource Locator's @PathParam resolution is not correct.
* WINK-312 - GenericsUtils.isAssignable() cannot handle primitive types
* WINK-316 - AdminServlet doesn't process QueryParams properly
* WINK-317 - HttpHeadersImpl.getCookies() only ever returns the first cookie in the Cookie header
* WINK-320 - The JSON4J tests are failing due to not being able to find test resources
* WINK-332 - JAXBXmlProvider blocks JAXB implementation from successfully parsing XML when no concrete type can be found.
* WINK-339 - org.apache.wink.test.mock.MockHttpServletRequestWrapper doesn't handle getContentType() and parameter related methods
h4. Improvement
* WINK-287 - Support web beans / (J)CDI / JSR-299
* WINK-294 - Some plugins missing versions
* WINK-295 - Upgrade to SLF4J 1.6.0
* WINK-296 - DEBUG -> TRACE logging reform
* WINK-297 - serviceability improvement; externalize strings, confirm formatting
* WINK-299 - Make Jackson the default JSON provider for Wink
* WINK-304 - serviceability improvement, output information upon application registration, errors
* WINK-305 - allow configuration file for SSL
* WINK-310 - Annotations inherited by a resource class should determine parameter type from the subclass, not the superclass
* WINK-315 - Improve the tolerance of malformed media types
* WINK-319 - Simplify addition of Request/Response handlers
* WINK-325 - Allow AtomCommonAttributes#otherAttributes and AtomCommonAttributesSimpleContent#otherAttributes to be lazy initialized.
h4. New Feature
* WINK-313 - WADL support
* WINK-318 - Wink JSON model
* WINK-321 - Support @XmlJavaTypeAdapter and @XmlElement on method params
* WINK-322 - Add JSR250 life cycle management support
* WINK-326 - AsyncHttpClient module
* WINK-336 - Add a wink provider for Google Protocol Buffer
* WINK-337 - Add a wink provider for Apache Thrift
* WINK-298 - enhance DTD expansion tests