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Apache ODE Release Notes
Apache ODE 1.1 is the first official release of ODE since the project
graduation from the Apache Incubator. It's mostly a bug fix release
but also introduces a few performance improvements and enhancements.
Apache ODE 1.1 requires Java 1.5.x. The WAR distribution can run in
most J2EE servlet container. The JBI distribution should be able to
run in any JBI container but has only been tested with ServiceMix
3.1 so far. See the BUILDING file if you want to build your own
distribution from the source release.
* Several in-memory processes performance enhancements.
* Improvements around execution events, giving more control and
information to the listeners.
* Removal of the Quartz scheduler for a much simpler, custom
implementation. Fixed a few transactional and concurrency bugs and
brought a small performance boost.
* Upgrade to Axis2 1.3 fixing several related issues (notably
getting the WSDL documents for processes with a slash in their name).
* Better support for the BPEL processes generated by the Eclipse BPEL
* Migrated our build to buildr completely (
* Bug fixes including but not limited to: ODE-163, ODE-158, ODE-153,
ODE-150, ODE-148, ODE-143, ODE-130 (check all issues under ODE 1.1 in
JIRA for more).