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The Deltacloud project includes a Ruby client. Other language-bindings are possible and will be supported soon. The client aims to insulate users from having to deal with HTTP and REST directly.

Each resource type has an associated model to ease usage. Where resource reference other resources, natural navigation across the object model is possible.

This is a Ruby client library for the Deltacloud API.


require 'deltacloud/client'

API_URL = "http://localhost:3001/api" # Deltacloud API endpoint

# Simple use-cases
client = Deltacloud::Client(API_URL, 'mockuser', 'mockpassword')

pp client.instances           # List all instances
pp client.instance('i-12345') # Get one instance

inst = client.create_instance 'ami-1234', :hwp_id => 'm1.small' # Create instance

inst.reboot!  # Reboot instance

# Advanced usage

# Deltacloud API supports changing driver per-request:

client.use(:ec2, 'API_KEY', 'API_SECRET').instances # List EC2 instances
client.use(:openstack, 'admin@tenant', 'password', KEYSTONE_URL).instances # List Openstack instances

Want help?

Adding new Deltacloud collection to client

$ rake generate[YOUR_COLLECTION] # eg. 'storage_snapshot'
# Hit Enter 2x
  • Edit lib/deltacloud/client/methods/YOUR_COLLECTION.rb and add all methods for manipulating your collection. The list/show methods should already be generated for you, but double-check them.

  • Edit lib/deltacloud/client/model/YOUR_COLLECTION.rb and add model methods. Model methods should really be just a syntax sugar and exercise the Deltacloud::Client::Methods methods. The purpose of model class life is to deserialize XML body received from Deltacloud API to a Ruby class.

Debugging a nasty bug?

  • You can easily debug deltacloud-client using powerful pry.

    • gem install deltacloud-core
    • optional: rbenv rehash ;-)
    • deltacloudd -i mock -p 3002
    • rake console

Console require pry gem installed. If you are not using this awesome gem, you can fix it by gem install pry.


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004