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Packaging for Apache Aurora

This repository maintains configuration and tooling for building binary distributions of Apache Aurora.

Building a binary

Binaries are built within Docker containers that provide the appropriate build environment for the target platform. You will need to have a working Docker installation before proceeding.

  1. Fetch a source distribution, such as an official one.

  2. Run the builder script, providing the distribution platform and the source distribution archive you downloaded in (1). The example below will build Aurora 0.9.0 debs for Ubuntu Trusty.

    ./ builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty \
      ~/Downloads/apache-aurora-0.9.0.tar.gz \

When this completes, debs will be placed in dist/builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty/.

Adding a new distribution platform

There are only two requirements for a ‘builder’ to satisfy:

  • a Dockerfile to provide the repeatable build environment
  • a script that creates artifacts

Please see the makeup of other builders for examples.