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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
~ Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
~ or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
~ distributed with this work for additional information
~ regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
~ to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
~ "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
~ with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
~ Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
~ distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
~ See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
~ limitations under the License.
<node x="698.875" y="259.0"></node>
<node x="30.536458333333258" y="628.0"></node>
<node x="369.875" y="259.0">org.apache.atlas.IReferenceableInstance</node>
<node x="0.0" y="146.0">org.apache.atlas.ITypedInstance</node>
<node x="4.7864583333332575" y="482.0">org.apache.atlas.ITypedReferenceableInstance</node>
<node x="269.40624999999994" y="0.0">org.apache.atlas.IInstance</node>
<node x="947.875" y="248.0">org.apache.atlas.Struct</node>
<node x="651.96875" y="449.0">org.apache.atlas.Referenceable</node>
<node x="240.7864583333333" y="416.0"></node>
<node x="236.87499999999997" y="292.0">org.apache.atlas.ITypedStruct</node>
<node x="593.1770833333333" y="157.0">org.apache.atlas.IStruct</node>
<notes />
<edge source="" target="">
<point x="82.25" y="-59.0" />
<point x="277.28645833333326" y="603.0" />
<point x="385.28645833333326" y="603.0" />
<point x="0.0" y="81.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.Referenceable" target="org.apache.atlas.IReferenceableInstance">
<point x="-77.25" y="-48.0" />
<point x="729.21875" y="396.0" />
<point x="601.625" y="396.0" />
<point x="77.25" y="48.0" />
<edge source="" target="org.apache.atlas.IStruct">
<point x="0.0" y="-48.0" />
<point x="813.375" y="228.0" />
<point x="640.0520833333333" y="228.0" />
<point x="9.375" y="15.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.Struct" target="org.apache.atlas.IStruct">
<point x="0.0" y="-59.0" />
<point x="1072.375" y="218.0" />
<point x="658.8020833333333" y="218.0" />
<point x="28.125" y="15.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.ITypedInstance" target="org.apache.atlas.IInstance">
<point x="0.0" y="-26.0" />
<point x="116.0" y="121.0" />
<point x="326.65624999999994" y="121.0" />
<point x="-57.25" y="48.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.IStruct" target="org.apache.atlas.IInstance">
<point x="0.0" y="-15.0" />
<point x="630.6770833333333" y="121.0" />
<point x="441.15624999999994" y="121.0" />
<point x="57.25" y="48.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.IReferenceableInstance" target="org.apache.atlas.IStruct">
<point x="0.0" y="-48.0" />
<point x="524.375" y="228.0" />
<point x="621.3020833333333" y="228.0" />
<point x="-9.375" y="15.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.Referenceable" target="org.apache.atlas.Struct">
<point x="77.25" y="-48.0" />
<point x="883.71875" y="396.0" />
<point x="1072.375" y="396.0" />
<point x="0.0" y="59.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.ITypedStruct" target="org.apache.atlas.IStruct">
<point x="28.25" y="-15.0" />
<point x="321.625" y="218.0" />
<point x="602.5520833333333" y="218.0" />
<point x="-28.125" y="15.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.ITypedStruct" target="org.apache.atlas.ITypedInstance">
<point x="-28.25" y="-15.0" />
<point x="265.125" y="228.0" />
<point x="174.0" y="228.0" />
<point x="58.0" y="26.0" />
<edge source="" target="org.apache.atlas.ITypedStruct">
<point x="0.0" y="-81.0" />
<point x="385.28645833333326" y="386.0" />
<point x="293.375" y="386.0" />
<point x="0.0" y="15.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.ITypedReferenceableInstance" target="org.apache.atlas.ITypedInstance">
<point x="-54.0" y="-15.0" />
<point x="-58.0" y="26.0" />
<edge source="org.apache.atlas.ITypedReferenceableInstance" target="org.apache.atlas.IReferenceableInstance">
<point x="54.0" y="-15.0" />
<point x="166.78645833333326" y="396.0" />
<point x="447.125" y="396.0" />
<point x="-77.25" y="48.0" />
<edge source="" target="org.apache.atlas.ITypedReferenceableInstance">
<point x="-82.25" y="-59.0" />
<point x="0.0" y="15.0" />
<settings layout="Hierarchic Group" zoom="1.0" x="239.0" y="335.5" />
<SelectedNodes />