AsterixDB Features#

Apache AsterixDB™ is a BDMS (Big Data Management System) with a rich feature set that sets it apart from other Big Data platforms. Its feature set makes it well-suited to modern needs such as web data warehousing and social data storage and analysis. AsterixDB has:

  • A semistructured NoSQL style data model (ADM) resulting from extending JSON with object database ideas
  • An expressive and declarative query language (AQL) that supports a broad range of queries and analysis over semistructured data
  • A parallel runtime query execution engine, Hyracks, that has been scale-tested on up to 1000+ cores and 500+ disks
  • Partitioned LSM-based data storage and indexing to support efficient ingestion and management of semistructured data
  • Support for query access to externally stored data (e.g., data in HDFS) as well as to data stored natively by AsterixDB
  • A rich set of primitive data types, including spatial and temporal data in addition to integer, floating point, and textual data
  • Secondary indexing options that include B+ trees, R trees, and inverted keyword (exact and fuzzy) index types
  • Support for fuzzy and spatial queries as well as for more traditional parametric queries
  • Basic transactional (concurrency and recovery) capabilities akin to those of a NoSQL store