[NO-ISSUE][GRAPHIX] Large Graphix update.

Large commit for the following:
- Using AbstractClauseExtension.
- LEFT-MATCH now defaults to a non-foldable-action.
- Refactor of some docstrings to use HTML lists.
- Starting work towards adding using SWITCH and CYCLE at Graphix.
- Adding support for implicit correlated vertex JOINs.
- Adding support for graphs with duplicate schema edge labels.
- Adding support for unconditional schema decoration.
- Adding support for negated edge labels.
- Total revamp for schema resolution: we now take an exhaustive approach.
- Adding support for specifying Graphix compiler options in the config file.

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Property Graphs on AsterixDB: Graphix

Graphix is an extension for the Big Data Management System Apache AsterixDB that allows users to issue graph queries on conceptual graphs over existing data managed by AsterixDB itself. Our motto is “one analyst’s document store is another analyst’s graph”, originating from the thought that developers shouldn’t have to choose between two different technologies (i.e. a document database or a graph database).

See our website here for more details.