Native Rust implementation of Apache Arrow

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This is a native Rust implementation of Apache Arrow. Currently the project is developed and tested against nightly Rust. The current status is:

  • [x] Primitive Arrays
  • [x] List Arrays
  • [x] Struct Arrays
  • [x] CSV Reader
  • [ ] CSV Writer
  • [ ] Parquet Reader
  • [ ] Parquet Writer
  • [ ] Arrow IPC
  • [ ] Interop tests with other implementations


The examples folder shows how to construct some different types of Arrow arrays, including dynamic arrays created at runtime.

Examples can be run using the cargo run --example command. For example:

cargo run --example builders
cargo run --example dynamic_types
cargo run --example read_csv


The IPC flatbuffer code was generated by running this command from the root of the project, using flatc version 1.10.0:

flatc --rust -o rust/arrow/src/ipc/gen/ format/*.fbs

Some manual steps were then performed:

  • Replace type__type with type_type
  • Remove org::apache::arrow::flatbuffers namespace
  • Add includes to each generated file

SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data)

Arrow uses the packed_simd crate to optimize many of the implementations in the compute module using SIMD intrinsics. These optimizations are enabled by the simd feature flag and are turned on by default, but can be disabled, for example:

cargo build --no-default-features

Publishing to

An Arrow committer can publish this crate after an official project release has been made to using the following instructions.

Follow these instructions to create an account and login to before asking to be added as an owner of the arrow crate.

Checkout the tag for the version to be released. For example:

git checkout apache-arrow-0.11.0

If the Cargo.toml in this tag already contains version = "0.11.0" (as it should) then the crate can be published with the following command:

cargo publish

If the Cargo.toml does not have the correct version then it will be necessary to modify it manually. Since there is now a modified file locally that is not committed to github it will be necessary to use the following command.

cargo publish --allow-dirty