Arrow Java API Changes

This document tracks behavior changes to Java APIs, as listed below.

  • ARROW-5973:

    • Start date: 2019/07/18
    • Resolve date: 2019/07/20
    • Brief description: The semantics of the get methods for VarCharVector, VarBinaryVector, and FixedSizeBinaryVector changes. In the past, if the validity bit is clear, the methods throw throws an IllegalStateException when NULL_CHECKING_ENABLED is set, or returns an empty object when the flag is not set. Now, the get methods return a null if the validity bit is clear.
  • ARROW-5842:

    • Start date: 2019/07/04
    • Resolve date: 2019/07/11
    • Brief description: The semantics of lastSet member in class ListVector changes. In the past, it refers to the next index that will be set. After the change it points to the last index that is actually set.