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Apache Arrow Website

Development instructions

If you are planning to publish the website, you must first clone the arrow-site git repository:

git clone --branch=asf-site asf-site

Now, with Ruby >= 2.1 installed, run:

gem install jekyll bundler
bundle install

# This imports the format Markdown documents so they will be rendered

bundle exec jekyll serve


After following the above instructions the base site/ directory, run:

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build
rsync -r build/ asf-site/
cd asf-site
git status

Now git add any new files, then commit everything, and push:

git push

Updating Code Documentation

To update the documentation, run the script ./dev/ This script will run the code documentation tools in a fixed environment.

C (GLib)

First, build Apache Arrow C++ and Apache Arrow GLib.

mkdir -p ../cpp/build
cd ../cpp/build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug
cd ../../c_glib
./configure \
  --with-arrow-cpp-build-dir=$PWD/../cpp/build \
  --with-arrow-cpp-build-type=debug \
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/../cpp/build/debug make GTK_DOC_V_XREF=": "
rsync -r doc/reference/html/ ../site/asf-site/docs/c_glib/


cd ../js
npm run doc
rsync -r doc/ ../site/asf-site/docs/js

Then add/commit/push from the site/asf-site git checkout.