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Arrow Java

Setup Build Environment


  • java 7 or later
  • maven 3.3 or later

Building running tests

cd java
mvn install

Test Logging Configuration

When running tests, Arrow Java uses the Logback logger with SLF4J. By default, Logback has a log level set to DEBUG. Besides setting this level programmatically, it can also be configured with a file named either “logback.xml” or “logback-test.xml” residing in the classpath. The file location can also be specified in the Maven command line with the following option -Dlogback.configurationFile=file:<absolute-file-path>. A sample logback.xml file is available in java/dev with a log level of ERROR. Arrow Java can be built with this file using the following command run in the project root directory:

mvn -Dlogback.configurationFile=file:`pwd`/dev/logback.xml

See Logback Configuration for more details.