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Arrow Flight Java Package

Exposing Apache Arrow data on the wire.

Protocol Description Slides

GRPC Protocol Definition

Example usage

  • Compile the java tree:

    cd java
    mvn clean install -DskipTests
  • Go Into the Flight tree

    cd flight
  • Start the ExampleFlightServer (supports get/put of streams and listing these streams)

    mvn exec:exec
  • In new terminal, run the TestExampleServer to populate the server with example data

    cd arrow/java/flight
    mvn surefire:test -DdisableServer=true -Dtest=TestExampleServer

Python Example Usage

  • Compile example python headers

    mkdir target/generated-python
    pip install grpcio-tools # or conda install grpcio
    python -m grpc_tools.protoc -I./src/main/protobuf/ --python_out=./target/generated-python --grpc_python_out=./target/generated-python src/main/protobuf/flight.proto
  • Connect to the Flight Service

    cd target/generated-python
    import grpc
    import flight_pb2
    import flight_pb2_grpc as flightrpc
    channel = grpc.insecure_channel('localhost:12233')
    service = flightrpc.FlightServiceStub(channel)
  • List the Flight from Python

    for f in service.ListFlights(flight_pb2.Criteria()): f
  • Try to Drop

    action = flight_pb2.Action()