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IPC Extension Vendored Example

This folder contains a project that uses the bundled nanarrow and nanoarrow_ipc.c files included in the dist/ directory of this repository (or that can be generated using cmake -DNANOARROW_BUNDLE=ON from the root CMake project). Like the CMake example, you must be careful to not expose nanoarrow‘s headers outside your project and make use of #define NANOARROW_NAMESPACE MyProject to prefix nanoarrow’s symbol names to ensure they do not collide with another copy of nanoarrow potentially linked to by another project.

The nanoarrow/ files included in this example are stubs to illustrate how these files could fit in to a library and/or command-line application project. The easiest way is to use the pre-generated versions in the dist/ folder of this repository:

git clone
cd arrow-nanoarrow/examples/vendored-ipc
mkdir -p src/nanoarrow
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow.h src/nanoarrow/nanoarrow.h
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow.c src/nanoarrow/nanoarrow.c
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow_ipc.h src/nanoarrow/nanoarrow_ipc.h
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow_ipc.c src/nanoarrow/nanoarrow_ipc.c
cp ../../dist/flatcc.c src/nanoarrow/flatcc.c
cp -r ../../dist/flatcc src/nanoarrow/flatcc

If you use these, you will have to manually #define NANOARROW_NAMESPACE MyProject in nanoarrow.h.

You can also generate the bundled versions with the namespace defined using cmake:

git clone
cd arrow-nanoarrow/examples/vendored-ipc

# First, build and install nanoarrow
mkdir build
pushd build
cmake --build .
cmake --install . --prefix=../src/nanoarrow

# Then, build and install nanoarrow_ipc
mkdir build_ipc
pushd build_ipc
cmake ../../../extensions/nanoarrow_ipc -DNANOARROW_IPC_BUNDLE=ON
cmake --build .
cmake --install . --prefix=../src/nanoarrow

Then you can build/link the application/library using the build tool of your choosing:

cd src
cc -c library.c nanoarrow/nanoarrow.c nanoarrow/flatcc.c nanoarrow/nanoarrow_ipc.c -I./nanoarrow -I./nanoarrow/flatcc
ar rcs libexample_vendored_ipc_library.a library.o nanoarrow.o nanoarrow_ipc.o flatcc.o
cc -o example_vendored_ipc_app app.c libexample_vendored_ipc_library.a

You can test the command-line application using the two files provided in the example directory:

cat ../schema-valid.arrows | ./example_vendored_ipc_app
cat ../invalid.arrows | ./example_vendored_ipc_app
# Expected 0xFFFFFFFF at start of message but found 0xFFFFFF00