refactor: Unify `ArrowArrayView` and `ArrowArray` validation (#201)

The initial motivation for this refactor was to make it possible to go
straight from Arrow IPC to ArrowArrayView with zero heap allocations and
improve IPC validation; however, the changes needed for that (basically,
give every ArrowArrayView its own offset, length, and null_count)
allowed unifying the validation that we do when building arrays and the
validation we do when wrapping a foregin ArrowArray in an
ArrowArrayView. This PR ensures that no internal ArrowArrayView
functions actually refer to the `array` member since there is no
guarantee that an ArrowArray backs the buffers. Along the way, error
messages and documentation were improved.
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Codecov test coverage Documentation nanoarrow on GitHub

The nanoarrow library is a set of helper functions to interpret and generate Arrow C Data Interface and Arrow C Stream Interface structures. The library is in active early development and users should update regularly from the main branch of this repository.

Whereas the current suite of Arrow implementations provide the basis for a comprehensive data analysis toolkit, this library is intended to support clients that wish to produce or interpret Arrow C Data and/or Arrow C Stream structures where linking to a higher level Arrow binding is difficult or impossible.

Using the C library

The nanoarrow C library is intended to be copied and vendored. This can be done using CMake or by using the bundled nanoarrow.h/nanorrow.c distribution available in the dist/ directory in this repository. Examples of both can be found in the examples/ directory in this repository.

A simple producer example:

#include "nanoarrow.h"

int make_simple_array(struct ArrowArray* array_out, struct ArrowSchema* schema_out) {
  struct ArrowError error;
  array_out->release = NULL;
  schema_out->release = NULL;

  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayInitFromType(array_out, NANOARROW_TYPE_INT32));

  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayAppendInt(array_out, 1));
  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayAppendInt(array_out, 2));
  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayAppendInt(array_out, 3));
  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayFinishBuildingDefault(array_out, &error));


  return NANOARROW_OK;

A simple consumer example:

#include <stdio.h>

#include "nanoarrow.h"

int print_simple_array(struct ArrowArray* array, struct ArrowSchema* schema) {
  struct ArrowError error;
  struct ArrowArrayView array_view;
  NANOARROW_RETURN_NOT_OK(ArrowArrayViewInitFromSchema(&array_view, schema, &error));

  if (array_view.storage_type != NANOARROW_TYPE_INT32) {
    printf("Array has storage that is not int32\n");

  int result = ArrowArrayViewSetArray(&array_view, array, &error);
  if (result != NANOARROW_OK) {
    return result;

  for (int64_t i = 0; i < array->length; i++) {
    printf("%d\n", (int)ArrowArrayViewGetIntUnsafe(&array_view, i));

  return NANOARROW_OK;