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Minimal Vendored Example

This folder contains a project that uses the bundled nanarrow.c and nanoarrow.h files included in the dist/ directory of this repository (or that can be generated using cmake -DNANOARROW_BUNDLE=ON from the root CMake project). Like the CMake example, you must be careful to not expose nanoarrow‘s header outside your project and make use of #define NANOARROW_NAMESPACE MyProject to prefix nanoarrow’s symbol names to ensure they do not collide with another copy of nanoarrow potentially linked to by another project.

The nanoarrow.c and nanoarrow.h files included in this example are stubs to illustrate how these files could fit in to a library and/or command-line application project. The easiest way is to use the pre-generated versions in the dist/ folder of this repository:

git clone
cd arrow-nanoarrow/examples/vendored-minimal
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow.h src/nanoarrow.h
cp ../../dist/nanoarrow.c src/nanoarrow.c

If you use these, you will have to manually #define NANOARROW_NAMESPACE MyProject manually in nanoarrow.h.

You can also generate the bundled versions with the namespace defined using cmake:

git clone
cd arrow-nanoarrow
mkdir build && cd build
cmake --build .
cmake --install . --prefix=../examples/vendored-minimal/src

Then you can build/link the application/library using the build tool of your choosing:

cd src
cc -c library.c nanoarrow.c
ar rcs libexample_vendored_minimal_library.a library.o nanoarrow.o
cc -o example_vendored_minimal_app app.c libexample_vendored_minimal_library.a

After building, you can run the app. The app parses command line arguments into an int32 array and prints out the resulting length (or any error encountered whilst building the array).

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