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Minimal CMake Example

This folder contains a CMake project that links to its own copy of nanoarrow using CMake's FetchContent module. Whether vendoring or using CMake, nanoarrow is intended to be vendored or statically linked in a way that does not expose its headers or symbols to other projects. To illustrate this, a small library is included (library.h and library.c) and built in this way, linked to by a program (app.c) that does not use nanoarrow (but does make use of the Arrow C Data interface header, since this is ABI stable and intended to be used in this way).

To build the project:

git clone
cd arrow-nanoarrow/examples/cmake-minimal
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

You can also open the cmake-minimal folder in VSCode and configure/build the project using VSCode's CMake integration.

After building, you can run the app from the build directory. The app parses command line arguments into an int32 array and prints out the resulting length (or any error encountered whilst building the array).

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