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Installing and running the blueprint-sample bundle:
0) Download Felix (v2.0.0 at the time of this writing):
1) Start Felix under Java SE 5:
java -jar bin/felix.jar
2) Install the following PAX Log service:
a) install
b) install
3) Install Felix EventAdmin and ConfigurationAdmin:
a) install
b) install
4) Build the blueprint project and install the extender and sample bundles:
a) install file:///<m2_repo>/org/apache/aries/blueprint/aries-blueprint/<version>/aries-blueprint-<version>.jar
b) install file:///<m2_repo>/org/apache/aries/blueprint/org.apache.aries.blueprint.sample/<version>/org.apache.aries.blueprint.sample-<version>.jar
5) Start the ConfigurationAdmin, extender and sample bundles:
a) start <bundle id for config admin>
b) start <bundle id for blueprint-bundle>
c) start <bundle id for blueprint-sample>
Installing and running the Web Console and Jetty:
1) Install the following bundles:
a) install
b) install
c) install
d) install
2) Start the web console:
a) start <bundle id for org.apache.felix.http.jetty>
b) start <bundle id for org.apache.felix.webconsole>
Note: You will have to start the Config, Event and Scr bundles for those
tabs to function in the web console.
3) Access the web console in a browser:
uid = admin
pwd = admin