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The Aries community has voted on its second release. From the Aries home page:
"The Aries project is delivering a set of pluggable Java components
enabling an enterprise OSGi application programming model. This
includes implementations and extensions of application-focused
specifications defined by the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Group
(EEG) and an assembly format for multi-bundle applications, for
deployment to a variety of OSGi based runtimes."
Aries is a multi-module project. The vote thread on aries-dev for RC05:
concluded with 10 votes (all of them +1) three of which were binding
IPMC votes from Jarek Gawor, Kevan Miller and Guillaume Nodet.
The following Aries top level modules are staged and tagged in
There are 13 Aries modules in the release, staged as follows:
Modules staged at are: parent, eba-maven-plugin, testsupport, org.apache.aries.util,web. Links to the source releases are given below:
Modules staged at are: quiesce, jndi, transaction, application, samples. Links to the source releases are given below:
Modules staged at are: jpa
Modules staged at are: blueprint
Modules staged at are: jmx
The RAT and IANAL build checks passed.
The KEYS file located here:
contains the code signing key for myself, Zoe Slattery, the release
manager for this release.
We have 3 binding +1 IPMC votes on the aries-dev list, and I'm
opening up this thread for 72 hours for any further feedback on the
staged artifacts for release.