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I've staged a release candidate for the Aries 1.0.0 test support module. The
module is staged and tagged in
Instructions for verifying the release are at Alternately, cut and paste the following to run a full check:
wget --no-check-certificate
chmod a+x
./ 256 mytempdirectory 2>&1 | tee verifyresults.txt
grep FAIL verifyresults.txt
grep ERROR verifyresults.txt
Artifacts are in one staged repo,
Links to the *.zip files for each module are provided below.
The only module staged is the parent module:
The RAT and IANAL build checks passed. Note that, although RAT is configured to ignore *.MF and other files that do not require the ASF licence, theses files are still reported incorrectly as RAT failures.
The vote will be open for 72 hours.
[ ] +1
[ ] 0
[ ] -1